Robert Mueller Was Lawyer For Firm Who Wrote Patent [law] For The “Uninterupted Pilot” Which Mueller Could Have Scrubbed Evidence Of As Newly Appointed FBI Director/Investigator Of 911 Attacks.

“Looking at the 9/11 World Trade Center Tragedy: Did Robert Mueler have previous knowledge? Robert Mueller was appointed director of the FBI- the person to investigate that tragedy – one week prior to it happening. So if anyone would be able to scrub evidence of the “uninterupted pilot” being utilized/not utilized, it would certainly be the lawyer [Mueller] who at one time worked for the firm who wrote the patent.” – John Doe – Truth In Context – (Youtube Channel)


“There seems to be a strange connection between the Parkland shooting witnesses and CNN. I just cant seem to figure it out.”

CNN knew ahead of time that American children would be slaughtered in FL and that some “select” children would not. These were pre-selected “witnesses” to not be harmed (one made a propaganda video during the lockdown) but instead to become anti Second Ammendment activist. “SICK” – Q